Crows Nest Soft Drinks, Crows Nest

Do you remember the days of Cherry Cheer, Sarsaparilla or Creaming Soda? They have been making these flavours since 1903 at Crows Nest Soft Drinks (then Crows Nest Cordial), and these are just some of the 30 flavours available. Does it still taste the same? Yes! The recipes are 50 years old, and the drinks are only bottled in glass. Strict quality control means no preservatives are needed to prolong the shelf life either. Everything is made on-site and on factory production days you can watch bottling in action. Samplings and tastings are always available. Their flavoured syrups are perfect for milkshakes, soda streams, or slush puppies.

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There are some amazing food options in Crows Nest including Myrtille Bistro, My Little Blueberry, Harpers Country Café, The Curly Carrot and The Grand Old Crow Pub where you can also buy Crows Nest Soft Drinks.

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Line up those vibrant soft drink colours – red, blue, green and yellow!

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    Crows Nest Soft Drinks, 8 Charlotte St, Crows Nest QLD, Australia
  • Phone
    07 4698 1783
  • Socials
  • Opening Hours:

    Monday - Friday 8.30am - 4.30pm

    Saturday 9.00am - 2.00pm

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