A Day in the Grove At Macintyre Brook Grove, Inglewood

Where better to celebrate the start of the olive season than in an olive grove? Pick out your picnic dress, put on a hat and head to Macintyre Brook Groves at Inglewood for their annual Spring picnic. You’ll relax along the bank of Macintyre Brook River at the Meron family’s property. Everything you need is in the picnic hamper, including a bottle of champagne. Open the lid, and you’ll find Barambah dairy cheeses, locally made sourdough, gourmet salads, antipasto, crackers, olives, and dips. In addition, there’s freshly pressed olive oil sourced from the fruit of trees just metres away. Spread your feast on the supplied picnic blanket and enjoy live music throughout the afternoon. Buses to and from the event leave from Inglewood and Goondiwindi. Inglewood is three hours from Brisbane via Warwick on the Cunningham Highway toward Goondiwindi. It is an easy one hour 45 minutes from Toowoomba.

Guru Tip
Macintyre Brook Grove aims for minimal impact farming using rotational grazing of cattle through the grove to provide richer soil and a weed-free environment without chemicals.

Insta Moment
That picnic basket overflowing with local goodness surrounded by the happy faces of your friends.


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